Month: May 2018

A Lean Life is a Long Life

As with most animals, a dog’s health often influences its lifespan.

No matter what size, age, or breed your dog is, it still needs exercise to lead a happy, content life.

How much exercise does my dog need?

The amount of exercise your dog needs may depend upon it’s breed.  For example hunting and herding dogs (Hounds, Retrievers and Shepherds) will need much more exercise than more docile family dogs such as Basset Hounds and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

But this isn’t to say that just because your dog isn’t a high-energy breed it doesn’t need exercise. Lack of exercise in dogs leads to numerous health problems and physical problems such as stiff limbs.

It’s easy to mistake a bored and frustrated dog for a lazy, low energy dog. Just like you and me, all dogs need exercise, whether they enjoy it or not.

Often (but not always) dogs with bad behaviour aren’t getting enough exercise and instead they’re turning to destructive behaviours.

Even taking your dog out on an hour long walk every night will do them the world of good. Not to mention it will keep you fit and healthy as well.

Short nosed breeds, such as Pugs and French bull dogs will need significantly less exercise than other breeds.  Short walks once a day may be enough.

What are the benefits to walking my dog?

Taking your dog on a walk isn’t just good for it’s physical health.  It’s great for it’s mental health as well. Most dogs enjoy socialising and often taking them on walks is the only time they get to play with other dogs.

A surprising number of dogs experience depression for a number of reasons.  Including the loss of an owner or companion, a traumatic injury or even because of a change in routine. Unlike humans, dogs can’t outright express their emotions.  So if you think your dog is depressed then offering it more attention and keeping your dog active are great ways to combat the illness.


Ultimately, healthy dogs have a much longer life expectancy than unhealthy dogs so it’s important you make sure your dog gets all the exercise it needs to combat both physical and mental issues.

How do you guarantee your dog gets the exercise it needs?

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