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Wellbeing dog food – how LeanDog can help

We understand that your dog is more than just a pet, they’re a member of your family. 

Therefore deserving of the same care you take when planning your own diet. Your dog’s food impacts on every aspect of their well-being, from mood and skin-condition to digestion and breath odour.

So, how can LeanDog recipes promote wellness in your dog?

The finest ingredients are selected, ensuring the most positive impact on your dog’s health.  Every bag of LeanDog premium dog food contains a minimum of 50% delicious poultry or fish protein.

For instance VIGOUR recipe contains freshly prepared turkey. Not only is this lean poultry an excellent source of high-quality protein, it is highly digestible and contains essential amino acids.  Aiding tissue growth and repair.  This is not the only contribution it can make to your pet’s wellness!

We’ve designed this single-protein-source recipe to help reduce the risk of digestive upsets in sensitive dogs. By ensuring it is grain-free and hypoallergenic (made without wheat, wheat gluten, soya, dairy, or beef).  Resulting in smaller, healthier stools and reduced wind (a blessing the whole house can share!)

VIGOUR also contains added Omega 3 to help deliver essential fatty acids to promote skin and coat conditioning, alongside cognitive and visual development. Each recipe is veterinary approved ensuring your dog will be the best version of your best friend.

Supporting your dog’s digestive system

Adequate fibre content in all our food, ensures healthy digestion.  This is so important for your dog’s health. As an essential component of a healthy, balanced diet.

Fibre helps support the digestive system’s steady absorption of nutrients.  Furthermore it promotes the function of healthy micro-organisms living in the gut. In short, fibre keeps your pet’s tummy healthy and  happy!

And once we’ve made sure every LeanDog recipe is full of health-promoting ingredients and fibre, we cook it slowly.

Why does the cooking process matter?

Our gentle cooking process protects the ingredients’ nutrient content.  Otherwise it would be denatured and eroded by higher temperatures. Resulting in proteins stay intact for easy digestion, producing less waste and increased bio-availability.

Bio-availability is the proportion of nutrients absorbed and used by the body.

These nutrients are then used by the relevant tissues to maintain and carry out healthy functions of the canine anatomy.


So, a high-quality, highly-digestible premium dog food means more nutrients are available for the body to absorb. This allowing every bodily function to perform as effectively as possible. When that happens, your four legged friend has all the strength, energy and confidence they need to join you on your next adventure!

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