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Myth Busting – Kibble

Like with all diets, human and dogs alike, kibble food has it’s doubters and haters.  However with over 90% of dog owners feeding their dogs kibble, is it really as bad as haters think?

Kibble Convenience

Kibble is most definitely the diet of convenience for dog owners. With no preparation and minimal storage requirements, its perfect for those with no time to prepare a meal for themselves, let alone their dogs.

Taking your dog away for the weekend? That’s fine, just remember a bag of kibble.

Got someone dog sitting for the night? Just tell them where the kibble is kept and how much to give, no fuss.

It’s so much more convenient than having to defrost raw food.

The problem most people have with kibble is that they believe it’s cheap and nasty – but this is 100% not the case!

All dog food has to meet standards set by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association (PMFA), which ensure dogs are given the exact nutrition and amount of calories that they need to live a healthy and happy life.

Kibble Benefits

Like with all food, some brands of kibble may contain better ingredients than others.  Again like with all food, often you do get what you pay for. Cheaper options often contain more soy products rather than meat products and no one is arguing in favour of this – dogs are carnivores; they need meat in their diet.

However, if you’re providing your dog with good quality kibble with no adverse health problems, what’s the problem?

Like humans, dogs have preferences and some are just outright fussy.  However some do have certain dietary needs and many do suffer from allergies. If you feel your dog is experiencing some symptoms from it’s food, kibble or not, then visit your vet for advice.

Kibble Variety

Many brands of kibble cater for dogs with multiple different allergies, excluding sugar, soya, wheat, salt and so many other allergens from their mixes.

Different formulas of kibble are available based on your dog’s size, age and even lifestyle. However kibble is the preferred choice for those with an active lifestyle.

LeanDog offer your dog four premium quality kibble recipes to choose from. Each grain free and hypoallergenic. Meaning each dog food recipe is without grain, wheat, wheat gluten, soya, dairy and beef:

SPRIGHT Freshly Prepared Trout light recipe, reduced calories for weight control

GUSTO Freshly Prepared Salmon adult, multiple protein recipe, rich in omega 3 & 6

VIGOUR Freshly Prepared Turkey adult, single protein recipe, rich in essential amino acids

MIGHTY Freshly Prepared Chicken puppy recipe, packed with great source of vitamins & minerals


All forms of dog food have their pros and cons and no one has the right to tell you what or how you should feed your dog, as long as your dog is healthy then it’s down to you to choose your preferred diet.

Your dog’s healthy and happiness is important to us as much as it is to you.

What do you feed your dog? Is it time for a change?     Try LeanDog for Free

What are the benefits of grain-free dog food?

Take a quick look at the label of your dog food ingredients.  On most dry dog foods (kibble) will reveal a high grain content, including corn, wheat, rice and barley.

At LeanDog, we believe that your pet’s digestive needs should be met with more than nutritionally-empty filler.

So, what are the benefits of going grain-free?

All these grains ― corn, wheat, rice and barley ― have been linked with allergic reactions in dogs. With symptoms including upsets stomachs and flaky skin. Eliminating these potential allergens from your pet’s diet therefore eliminates the risk of such a reaction.

And that’s not all.

As dogs are naturally carnivorous animals, their saliva (unlike that of plant-eating herbivores and omnivores, like ourselves) does not contain amylase. Amylase is an enzyme that works to break down starchy carbohydrates ― like grains ― into simple sugars before they enter the stomach.

So, dogs are incapable of fully digesting grain-based food.  The grains’ nutritive value is never completely absorbed into the canine body. Hence the reason your dog may suffer from soft stools.


For your dog, going grain-free means they will benefit from a high-protein food that more closely resembles their natural, ancestral diet. LeanDog recipes contain a higher proportion of meat and easy-to-digest meat fats.  Meaning your dog will get all the nutrition they need to lead a happy, healthy life….Our Food

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