Month: February 2019

What are the key ingredients in LeanDog recipes?

When choosing the food we give our dogs, it’s important to remember they’re animals.  They have specific digestive needs.

Since dogs’ digestive systems are virtually identical to their ancestor, the wolf, a large number of veterinary nutritionists believe that dogs should mimic their ancestral diet.  That means around 60% meat, and 40% plant matter.

And 0% grain.

So, what are the key ingredients in your dog’s grain-free diet?

Rather than nutritionally-empty fillers like rice and corn, LeanDog premium recipes contain a minimum of 50% meat protein. Such as turkey, chicken, salmon or trout. These freshly-prepared meats are gently cooked to protect their nutritive value.  This means their valuable protein is readily available and easily digested.  Resulting in your dog gaining the maximum benefit.

Our grain-free recipes also contain vegetables, herbs and fruit.  All providing an excellent source of digestible fibre. These assist with  strengthening the immune system and enriching your dog’s well-being. Supported by the important vitamins and minerals provided.

Replacing grains with wholesome ingredients like sweet potato, asparagus and cranberries can provide your little wolf with a range of significant benefits. Including higher digestibility, fewer and smaller stools, less shedding and reduced wind.  Something from which you’ll benefit, too!


LeanDog grain-free will ensure your dog is getting all the nutritional content they need to fuel your adventures. Plus it is easily digestible for your dog.  For further information on each recipe and full list of ingredients check Our Food

LeanDog ― always read the label.

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