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Keeping Your Dog’s Weight Healthy

Reports indicate that between 30-60% of dogs are overweight (Source)  Its becoming more and more important that dog owners should be taking further measures to ensure their dog is as healthy as possible.

Controlling Your Dog’s Weight

As with humans, obesity in dogs is linked to numerous health issues and complications.  Such as diabetes, heart/lung problems, liver disease and a reduced lifespan.

There are so many factors which contribute to a dog’s weight. Including the amount of food  they eat and the amount of exercise they get, their age, health and even genetics.

Dogs don’t have to be overweight to be considered unhealthy.  Underweight dogs are just as much at risk from health complications.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog

Calculate your dog’s feeding requirements, to ensure you know how much to feed them. There are plenty of calculators online which take into account the breed, age, height and current weight of your dog.

However it’s important to remember that just because two dogs are the same breed, age etc this doesn’t mean they will eat the same amount with the same outcomes.

Dog Feeding Guide

  • Start by referring to your dog food feeding guidelines on packaging. Alternatively visit your chosen LeanDog recipe on the website for feeding guidelines.  Our Food
  • Find out your dog’s weight, this can be checked with your vet or by standing on scales with your dog at home.
  • By measure your dog food out with weighing scales initially, you are less likely to over/under feed.
  • Once the daily feeding amount is established, you can divide it into as many meals as suits. Between 1-3 being the most common.
  • When your dog is settled on the food, keep an eye on their weight. This will give an indication whether they are being fed the correct amount.
  • At this point you can adjust the feeding amount accordingly.

Dogs Struggling with Weight Gain

Is your dog struggling with weight gain, or does he have a lower activity level? Then our light recipe SPRIGHT is a great option to assist your dog.  SPRIGHT is 15% lower in fat than our other adult recipes. This is achieved by using Trout, a low-fat protein.  So your dog will still benefit from a premium quality product. Feeding your dog SPRIGHT means that their bowl still looks just as full. However as there are fewer calories, there is no guilt of having to feed less.

This recipe also contains the amino acid L-Carntine, which promotes lean muscle development. In addition your dog will further benefit from this recipe as it is formulated to support cartilage for healthy joints in overweight dogs.

Find out more about SPRIGHT Freshly Prepared Trout

Should I Feed My Dog Treats?

Our dogs are our family and feeding them is just one way of showing we love them. However those extra calories from tidbits and left overs really do start to stack up.

LeanDog recipes each contain a high level of quality protein. This is essential in your dog’s diet as it plays an important role in helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Each recipe is complete and nutritionally balanced. Which means that they contain everything your dog needs to maintain great health and well being.

So it’s important to remember that adding treats on top of this can lead to over feeding and weight gain.  As a result their daily portions may need to be reduced slightly to account for this. Exercise is also vital for helping to maintain a healthy weight and prevent serious health issues later in life.

Helping Your Dog Stay Active

Exercising your dog is equally important to their diet, in maintaining their weight.  By burning calories your dog is working to becoming healthy.

Your dog will benefit from at least 30-60 minutes exercise per day, to reach their healthy weight. Certain breeds and young dogs may require considerably more.

If your dog is not used to a lot of exercise, it is important to build it up gradually.


Once you have achieved your dog’s ideal weight, you can gradually increase the feeding amount or treats.  However it will be necessary to constantly review your dog’s weight and feeding amounts, ensuring the ideal weight is maintained.  LeanDog supports you in helping your dog become the best version of your best friend.

SPRIGHT Freshly Prepared Trout

Feeding Dogs Human Food – Is It A Good Idea?

In the UK, it is estimated that 25% of households who own a pet, are dog owners. That is 9 million dogs in the UK!  Source

Now, if you were to ask any of these dog owners whether they’ve ever fed their dog any form of human food, the answer would surely be yes.  But what are the potential consequences of this?

We are becoming more and more health conscious and more aware of the foods we are consuming. Preferring natural, organic foods over processed junk foods.

Are you aware of the hazards of human foods to dogs?

Certain human foods are absolutely fine for dogs to eat in moderation, such as lightly cooked or raw vegetables, such as carrots. However many are bad and potentially dangerous to dogs.

You will have heard stories of dogs raiding the chocolate eggs at Easter.  Do you know just how bad chocolate is for dogs?

Chocolate can be fatal in dogs.

Chocolate that is intended for human consumption contains substances called methylxanthines. These act as stimulants to our pets. The darker the chocolate, the more methylxanthines it contains.  Symptoms that can occur include:



High heart rate

Muscle tremors


There are plenty of doggy friendly alternatives available that you can treat your dog with.

My dog ate grapes!

Grapes and raisins are highly toxic to dogs.  The grape and raisin toxicity can cause dogs to suddenly  develop kidney failure (acute renal failure).

Although people have traditionally used raisins and grapes as treats for their dogs, just a few can make a dog ill. The consumption of grapes and raisins presents a potential health threat to dogs.  So please keep them out of harms way!

Other food types to keep away from your dog.

Keep your dog away from onions or garlic in homemade diets or treats, raw or cooked. Both contain disulphide, which when eaten by a dog can cause Heinz body anaemia. Preventing them from carrying adequate oxygen to where it is needed in the body.

Macadamia nuts have been known to cause severe mobility issues in dogs, even in small portions of up to as few as 6 nuts. Although these symptoms seem to be temporary, they include muscle pain, muscle tremors and even paralysis.

If you think your coffee fix in the morning affects you, wait until you hear what happens to dogs. Dogs are much more sensitive to caffeine than humans.  While a few drops of it wont harm them, a substantial amount will lead to significant damage.


At the end of the day, your dog is a part of your family and it’s difficult to be entirely strict with their diet, but keep an eye on what you’re feeding them.

LeanDog kibble can easily be used as treats by reducing the amount of their daily meal accordingly.

You’re never going to be able to completely stop your dog eating human food, however doing some research and finding out which foods are healthy will definitely benefit both you and your dog!

Seek advice from your Vet if you have any concerns about your dog eating something it shouldn’t have.

Healthy dog food benefits

How much do you know about the food you give your dog?

Salmon, Sweet potato, asparagus and peas

More people than ever are leading active lives, fuelled by well-informed diets. We’re getting outside more, exercising more, and making smart choices about our well-being.  Especially when it comes to our food. You know what you’re putting in your body, and the benefits of those ingredients.

But how much do you know about the food you give your dog?

Here at LeanDog, we think well-informed owners lead to happy, healthy dogs. That’s why all our grain-free, freshly-prepared foods are made with ingredients you recognise.   A minimum of 50% poultry or fish.  Accompanied with a range of sweet potato, asparagus, carrots and cranberry, are just a few of the ingredients we use.

LeanDog’s gentle cooking process protects the ingredients’ nutrients and ensures a high protein content. Resulting in increased digestibility and  increased uptake of nutrients.  Also not to forget a naturally delicious taste.

When you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog, you know they’re getting the nutrition they need.  Furthermore, you are making sure they’re ready for your next adventure together!

For more information on Benefits, Ingredients, Analytical Constituents and Feeding Guidelines, visit Our Food

and choose a recipe that your dog would like to try.

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10 Facts about LeanDog complete dog food

At LeanDog we believe that the right dog food is one of the most important elements to promote health, happiness & wellbeing in your dog:

1. LeanDog recipes provide a complete and convenient nutritional balanced meal for your dogs, consequently a healthy dog is a happy dog.

2. Four protein rich and grain-free recipes, each made with fresh and raw ingredients and cooked at a low temperature to protect key nutrients.

3. You won’t find LeanDog on the supermarket shelves. However you can purchase online and we provide FREE delivery direct to your door.  Our Food

4. At LeanDog we believe that life is too short for compromise. Therefore most important things to us are family, our health & wellbeing and of course our dogs.

5. Going outdoors, being active, adventurous and keeping you and your dog fit and healthy are especially great for maintaining a positive mindset and wellbeing.

6. Providing confidence to try something new. Regularly, LeanDog will provide you with nutritional facts to help make the right decision for your best friend.

7. We Love to support the dog community and whenever we can, we will share and help our fellow dog lovers.

8. Your dog comes first.  Above all we want your dog to be the best version of your best friend.

9. LeanDog is about great quality premium dog food,  with positive results and a positive experience.

10. Start your no obligation Free trial – So will your dog love LeanDog?

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