Adventures With Your Dog

Exercise is just as important for dogs as it is for humans.  Taking your dog on a couple of walks a day around your local park is okay, however what if you want to be more adventurous, what is there to do with your dog?

Camping With Your Dog

A camping trip with your dog is a fantastic experience that you can both enjoy. This is a great opportunity where you can adventure together experiencing the delights of new walks, parks and beaches.  Enabling you both to enjoy your holiday together.

There are plenty of dog friendly campsites within the UK, providing suggestions of where you can visit with your four-legged friend once you are there. If in doubt checkout Camping and Caravanning Club

If this is the first time camping with your dog, you may wonder what is best to bring along for them. This checklist will help keep you right.

Feeding your dog when camping

Dry complete dog food certainly is the most convenient and if possible, store in a sealed container. (Keeps away any unwanted visitors). Always try and keep to your usual feeding routin. Therefore minimising any anxiousness. Make sure you have plenty of fresh water available for them too, especially out on adventures. A bottle of water is essential for keeping you both hydrated.

Camping Rules for Dogs

Make sure you have your poo bags handy. Respect camp rules and clean as you go. Most campsites always require your dog to be on a lead, no longer than 2m or 6ft long. Their rules will be on their website.

The benefits of your dog joining you on your camping adventure are many.  Not only will you be saving on boarding costs, but you you will be enjoying your adventures together.

The Lakes

The Lake District is probably one of the most dog friendly areas in the UK.  Even just walking round one of the small towns, it’s obvious just how much dogs are appreciated and welcomed.

If you’re thinking about a weekend away with your family, dog included, then Windermere might just be the perfect destination. Walking round lake Windermere is the perfect way to take in the beautiful view.  Also plenty grassy areas for a game of fetch and pebble ‘beaches’ perfect for pebble skimming. You and your dog will definitely appreciate the fresh air.

If you’re visiting Windermere as a family, then why not visit Brockhole.  This not-for-profit attraction features gardens, tree top adventures, an adventure playground, exhibition areas and a café.  Most importantly though, it is dog friendly! There are a few limitations, as dogs aren’t allowed into the play areas, but Brockhole is sure to please everyone.  Including your dog!


If you’re after something a bit more adventurous why not give Geocaching a try? Perfect for families with young children or even adults who are still children at heart.  This world wide treasure hunting game is sure to keep you all busy.

Start by simply downloading the app onto your phone and entering your location. You will then be given coordinates and hints which will ultimately lead you to a small treasure. Often these ‘treasures’ contain items, which you can swap for your own.

Geocaching will get you out and about, no matter where you are, in a city or in the countryside.

National Parks are absolute hubs for Geocaching, and even more perfect for taking your dog on an adventure. With trails for all abilities and even camping facilities at some sites.  Your dog will absolutely love a day out or even weekend away at one of these parks.

Obviously National Parks have rules which dog owners have to obey.  However these are completely understandable guidelines that responsible dog owners will unconsciously follow without prompts.  Such as keeping your dog on a lead near sheep and other animals and cleaning up after your dog.


There are tonnes of adventures you can go on with your dog around the UK, the majority of which are free, easily accessible and perfect for a full family day out.

What has been your favourite dog friendly adventure? We would love to get some inspiration from you.

Benefits to walking your dog

We all know those moments: your trusty hound stands at the door, lead in their teeth, ready to go!  But the rain is battering the windows and the trees are bent double in the wind. 

At times, walking the dog can seem like a bit of a chore. But, here at LeanDog, we want our food to make a positive contribution to your dog’s energy levels and well-being. Making sure they’re always ready for the next adventure – whatever the weather!

So, what are the benefits of being active with your dog?

You and your beloved pet can share the benefits of dog walks, they are much more than a daily task!

Going for walks helps to eliminate stress from your life—and the same applies for your dog. For instance, combining various routes to your dog’s weekly walking activities is a great way to encouraging them to develop a healthy lifestyle and happy mindset.

You can both experience so many great benefits to walking, here are just a few:

Health & Wellbeing

• Both your health and wellbeing will benefit. Walking is great for your heart, circulation and strengthening muscles and joints

Social Aspect

• For you there is the social aspect of walking your dog, giving you the chance to meet with like minded people walking their dogs, exploring new sights and surroundings together.

Weight Management

• Walking is great for you both to manage your body weight. Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet, helps to maintain a healthy weight for your dog.

So, next time your LeanDog is ready to leap boldly into a swirl of rain, their muscles full of grain-free, protein-led energy, remember that they’re doing you a favour – and leap boldly after them!  Our Food

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