An Introduction to Canicross


Canicross is the sport of trail running with your dog. It grew out of the northern sleddog sports, as a way to keep their dogs fit over the summer months when there wasn’t much snow on the ground. Now it is fast becoming a sport in its own right!

It is a real team effort, with the human driving from behind and your canine partner pulling from the front.

Canicross Equipment

Specialist equipment is required to connect the 2 of you together. You will require a waist belt for yourself, a sporting harness for your dog and an elasticated bungee line running between you both.

The importance of correctly fitting kit cannot be over emphasised.  This will enable you to participate safely & comfortably, getting the most from your outings. Canicross harnesses are designed to be pulled into and promote freedom of movement in the dog, while ensuring breathing is in no way restricted.

Canicross – Getting Started

Once out on the trails, it’s a good idea to teach your dog some basic commands that will help you navigate safely through your surroundings together. Stop or steady, go, left & right are a good place to start!

You don’t have to be a fast runner, and any breed of dog can have a go, as long as they are at least a year old. Asking a dog to pull in harness for you before they are fully grown, can do permanent damage to their developing joints. Different breeds mature at different rates, but always err on the side of caution and check with your vet if you are unsure.

Social and Physical Benefits For You and your Dog

We think there is no better way to explore the great outdoors! Canicross will help keep both you and your dog physically fit.  Including mentally stimulated as you learn something new together. As a training exercise, it can help to strengthen the bond you have with your pooch, while also providing a healthy outlet for high energy dogs to let off a little steam.

It’s also proven popular for owners with reactive dogs. Providing them something else to focus on can often help distract them from situations that may otherwise have caused a reaction. Additionally, your dog remains attached to you at all times.  Allowing even those dogs with poor recall or high prey drive to get out and stretch their legs.

Most importantly, it’s accessible to everybody! Whether you want to tootle round your local park on a weekend (most parkruns allow canicrossers these days), perhaps enter competitions across the country, or anywhere in between then this is the sport for you!  However, do take caution in the warmer summer months, temperature is an important factor to consider. It is essential to respect the welfare of your dogs and ensure plenty of drinking water is available for them.

DogFit have made it their mission to bring canicross to you.   In fact they have trained up dog & fitness professionals across the country to offer canicross taster sessions and training somewhere near you! They also have an online store selling a whole range of tried & tested canicross equipment. Head on over to DogFit to find out more!

LeanDog Can Support Your Dog’s Fitness

Fuel your dog’s drive and enthusiasm with LeanDog grain free premium dog food.  The perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals will ensure your dog has the stamina and drive for their next adventure. Check out our LeanBlog  Healthy dog food benefits and for nutritional information and ingredients you will find more information at Our Food.

Final Thoughts

Most importantly Canicross is about having fun and being fit and healthy with your dog. There are so many fantastic benefits for you both to experience, whether you choose to power walk, run on your own or join a group. Run for fun or compete alongside others.  The level and pace is really up to you and your canine companion.

Not only will you both explore the great outdoors more, but there is the opportunity to be enjoying increased fitness and wellbeing.

Thank you to Emily Gelipter, DogFit certified canicross trainer, for sharing advice and photos.

If you have a way of keeping active with your dog and would like to share it with us, would love to hear from you.

Roz 🐕🏃‍♀️

Adventures With Your Dog

Exercise is just as important for dogs as it is for humans.  Taking your dog on a couple of walks a day around your local park is okay, however what if you want to be more adventurous, what is there to do with your dog?

Camping With Your Dog

A camping trip with your dog is a fantastic experience that you can both enjoy. This is a great opportunity where you can adventure together experiencing the delights of new walks, parks and beaches.  Enabling you both to enjoy your holiday together.

There are plenty of dog friendly campsites within the UK, providing suggestions of where you can visit with your four-legged friend once you are there. If in doubt checkout Camping and Caravanning Club

If this is the first time camping with your dog, you may wonder what is best to bring along for them. This checklist will help keep you right.

Feeding your dog when camping

Dry complete dog food certainly is the most convenient and if possible, store in a sealed container. (Keeps away any unwanted visitors). Always try and keep to your usual feeding routin. Therefore minimising any anxiousness. Make sure you have plenty of fresh water available for them too, especially out on adventures. A bottle of water is essential for keeping you both hydrated.

Camping Rules for Dogs

Make sure you have your poo bags handy. Respect camp rules and clean as you go. Most campsites always require your dog to be on a lead, no longer than 2m or 6ft long. Their rules will be on their website.

The benefits of your dog joining you on your camping adventure are many.  Not only will you be saving on boarding costs, but you you will be enjoying your adventures together.

The Lakes

The Lake District is probably one of the most dog friendly areas in the UK.  Even just walking round one of the small towns, it’s obvious just how much dogs are appreciated and welcomed.

If you’re thinking about a weekend away with your family, dog included, then Windermere might just be the perfect destination. Walking round lake Windermere is the perfect way to take in the beautiful view.  Also plenty grassy areas for a game of fetch and pebble ‘beaches’ perfect for pebble skimming. You and your dog will definitely appreciate the fresh air.

If you’re visiting Windermere as a family, then why not visit Brockhole.  This not-for-profit attraction features gardens, tree top adventures, an adventure playground, exhibition areas and a café.  Most importantly though, it is dog friendly! There are a few limitations, as dogs aren’t allowed into the play areas, but Brockhole is sure to please everyone.  Including your dog!


If you’re after something a bit more adventurous why not give Geocaching a try? Perfect for families with young children or even adults who are still children at heart.  This world wide treasure hunting game is sure to keep you all busy.

Start by simply downloading the app onto your phone and entering your location. You will then be given coordinates and hints which will ultimately lead you to a small treasure. Often these ‘treasures’ contain items, which you can swap for your own.

Geocaching will get you out and about, no matter where you are, in a city or in the countryside.

National Parks are absolute hubs for Geocaching, and even more perfect for taking your dog on an adventure. With trails for all abilities and even camping facilities at some sites.  Your dog will absolutely love a day out or even weekend away at one of these parks.

Obviously National Parks have rules which dog owners have to obey.  However these are completely understandable guidelines that responsible dog owners will unconsciously follow without prompts.  Such as keeping your dog on a lead near sheep and other animals and cleaning up after your dog.


There are tonnes of adventures you can go on with your dog around the UK, the majority of which are free, easily accessible and perfect for a full family day out.

What has been your favourite dog friendly adventure? We would love to get some inspiration from you.

Dog food for adventures

Martin and Hugo on the Beach

Sometimes, when life gets busy and hectic, our dogs can slip down the list of priorities. At LeanDog, we always try to remember why we got our dogs in the first place.  That special relationship, and that time together in the outdoors.

The right dog food, and the right activity, can help your relationship with your dog go from strength to strength.

Feeding your dog with a premium protein-rich, grain-free dog food has numerous associated health benefits.

Benefits of LeanDog

The bio-availability of our foods means an increased uptake of nutrients and minerals.  Essential for strong bones, clear eyes and healthy muscles.

Each of our recipes are grain-free and hypoallergenic, meaning they are easily digestible. Everything your pet needs to tackle the outdoors!

And once you’re out there, using that energy with shared activity will bring a whole host of knock-on benefits for you both!

As you clear your head, improving your concentration and lifting your mood, your dog also benefits from the mental stimulation.  Such as the environment and your interaction, helping to improve their mood and their well-being too.

Those leaps and sprints keep your animal’s weight down and encourage healthy bones and joints.  Burning off energy productively, with you, helps reduce behavioural problems, allowing you both to relax once you get home!


All LeanDog recipes are prepared to provide the complete balanced nourishment that your dog requires, easy to store, prepare and purchase with free delivery direct to your door.  Giving you time with the dog you love. Our Food

10 Facts about LeanDog complete dog food

At LeanDog we believe that the right dog food is one of the most important elements to promote health, happiness & wellbeing in your dog:

1. LeanDog recipes provide a complete and convenient nutritional balanced meal for your dogs, consequently a healthy dog is a happy dog.

2. Four protein rich and grain-free recipes, each made with fresh and raw ingredients and cooked at a low temperature to protect key nutrients.

3. You won’t find LeanDog on the supermarket shelves. However you can purchase online and we provide FREE delivery direct to your door.  Our Food

4. At LeanDog we believe that life is too short for compromise. Therefore most important things to us are family, our health & wellbeing and of course our dogs.

5. Going outdoors, being active, adventurous and keeping you and your dog fit and healthy are especially great for maintaining a positive mindset and wellbeing.

6. Providing confidence to try something new. Regularly, LeanDog will provide you with nutritional facts to help make the right decision for your best friend.

7. We Love to support the dog community and whenever we can, we will share and help our fellow dog lovers.

8. Your dog comes first.  Above all we want your dog to be the best version of your best friend.

9. LeanDog is about great quality premium dog food,  with positive results and a positive experience.

10. Start your no obligation Free trial – So will your dog love LeanDog?

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Thanks Roz 😊

A Lean Life is a Long Life

As with most animals, a dog’s health often influences its lifespan.

No matter what size, age, or breed your dog is, it still needs exercise to lead a happy, content life.

How much exercise does my dog need?

The amount of exercise your dog needs may depend upon it’s breed.  For example hunting and herding dogs (Hounds, Retrievers and Shepherds) will need much more exercise than more docile family dogs such as Basset Hounds and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

But this isn’t to say that just because your dog isn’t a high-energy breed it doesn’t need exercise. Lack of exercise in dogs leads to numerous health problems and physical problems such as stiff limbs.

It’s easy to mistake a bored and frustrated dog for a lazy, low energy dog. Just like you and me, all dogs need exercise, whether they enjoy it or not.

Often (but not always) dogs with bad behaviour aren’t getting enough exercise and instead they’re turning to destructive behaviours.

Even taking your dog out on an hour long walk every night will do them the world of good. Not to mention it will keep you fit and healthy as well.

Short nosed breeds, such as Pugs and French bull dogs will need significantly less exercise than other breeds.  Short walks once a day may be enough.

What are the benefits to walking my dog?

Taking your dog on a walk isn’t just good for it’s physical health.  It’s great for it’s mental health as well. Most dogs enjoy socialising and often taking them on walks is the only time they get to play with other dogs.

A surprising number of dogs experience depression for a number of reasons.  Including the loss of an owner or companion, a traumatic injury or even because of a change in routine. Unlike humans, dogs can’t outright express their emotions.  So if you think your dog is depressed then offering it more attention and keeping your dog active are great ways to combat the illness.


Ultimately, healthy dogs have a much longer life expectancy than unhealthy dogs so it’s important you make sure your dog gets all the exercise it needs to combat both physical and mental issues.

How do you guarantee your dog gets the exercise it needs?

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