Health and Wellbeing

A step by step guide, to the best version of your best friend!

Which recipe will suit your dog?

There are four fantastic recipes to choose from made with fresh ingredients. Each free from grain, wheat, wheat gluten, soya, beef and dairy.  Supporting those with sensitivities:

GUSTO       50% Salmon with Trout adult recipe

VIGOUR    50% Turkey adult recipe

SPRIGHT   50% Trout with Salmon, Light recipe with less calories

MIGHTY     60% Chicken, Turkey with Salmon puppy recipe

How much should you feed your dog?

Each of the recommended feeding guidelines can be found on the individual recipe pages linked to  Our Food.

  • When changing your dog’s diet please introduce gradually over a period of 2 weeks, to allow their digestive system time to adjust.
  • Find out your dog’s weight, this can be checked with your vet or by standing on scales with your dog at home.
  • It is advisable to measure the food with kitchen weighing scales to ensure you are not over/under feeding.
  • Once the daily feeding amount is established, you can divide it into as many meals as suits. Between 1-3 being the most common.
  • When your dog is settled on the food, keep an eye on their weight. This will give an indication whether they are being fed the correct amount.
  • At this point you can adjust the feeding amount accordingly.
  • Always ensure plenty of fresh water is available.

Consider what treats you are feeding your dog

It can be tempting to give your dog leftovers or to share your food with them.  What we consider to be tasty and perhaps even nutritious may be extremely dangerous, even poisonous, for our canine companions. Here is a list of popular human foods dogs can’t eat.

  • Chocolate – due to a stimulant called theobromine, chocolate is very dangerous for dogs health & wellbeing.
  • Grapes, raisins & currents – can cause kidney problems for dogs with sensitivities.
  • Onions & garlic & chives – All forms of these vegetables and herbs can be dangerous for your dog, leading to stomach and gut irritation.
  • Dairy – milk-based products can cause diarrhoea or other digestive upset.
  • Avocado – is unsafe for dogs in large quantities due to a toxin called persin which results in vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • Corn on the cob – although may sound healthy, corn is not easily digested by dogs and could lead to intestine blockage if they try to eat large chunks or whole.
  • Walnuts & macadamia nuts – consuming these foods your dog may experience weakness, depression, tremors, vomiting and increased body temperature for up to 48 hours.
  • Caffeine & alcohol – keep coffee beans, teabags and alcohol out of their reach.
  • Mouldy foods – contain lots of toxins that may make your dog very ill. Make sure spoiled foods are carefully disposed of out of their reach.

Should you have any concerns about your dog consuming a food substance that may be harmful to your dog, please consult your vet.

Keeping your dog active

Whether you’re strolling through the woods or playing ‘fetch’ at the beach, exercise and play are essential to your relationship together. It’s a fun way to help your dog maintain their optimal size.  Variety is the spice of life, so why not try mixing your exercise routine up.

Stuck for an idea how to keep you and your dog active?  Have a look at some of our other blog posts for ideas and inspiration such as:

Benefits to being active with your dog

Adventures With Your Dog

An Introduction to Canicross

Spending quality time together will not only nurture the bond between you, but assists you both in being healthy and active.

How do I know my dog is the correct weight?

Has your dog gained weight?

Some common reasons for your dog to gain weight is due to overfeeding or lack of exercise.

At LeanDog we have prepared a recipe to help support dogs that:

  1. Require to lose excess weight by reducing their calorie intake.
  2. Are less active due to size, breed or age.

LeanDog SPRIGHT prepared with 50% trout, salmon and sweet potato contains only 320 Kcal/100g.

LeanDog light SPRIGHT recipe, is 15% lower in fat compared to other standard adult recipes to assist with weight reduction. As it is the calories which we have reduced, your dog does not have to eat less!  Following the feeding guideline for further advice will ensure your dog receives the correct quantities.

In addition our light recipe has added L-Carnitine.  This is  an amino acid which promotes the conversion of fat to lean muscle development.  Other added benefits include helping to enhance brain function, reducing muscle damage and regulating blood sugar levels.

If however, you have already made adjustments to both the quantity your dog is being fed and it’s exercise levels. It is worth speaking to your vet for further advice and checks to investigate what alternative reasons your dog is gaining or is overweight.

If you have a question, we would love to hear from you.  Contact LeanDog

To take away the uncertainty of your dog trying a new recipe, we provide a Free Trial on any of our recipes.

Roz 😊

Sharing the love for Dalmatians & Dobermans

Dalmatian or Doberman… we can’t choose!

Dalmatian and the Doberman Pinscher are both very loyal, obedient and energetic breeds.

Learn About Dalmatians

Dalmatians remain extremely popular family pets, due to their character, distinctive, beautiful spotted coat and loyalty.

Dalmatians have a tremendous amount of energy.  They love being active and enjoy lots of exercise and mental stimulation, as a result they exceed at a variety of canine sports. Not only do they have loving personalities but they are also known to be natural watchdogs. Although they can suffer from separation anxiety if left on their own too long.

Intelligent and easy to train, this breed also has a stubborn side.  Therefore a consistent approach with lots of patience is required.

Weight: Male 23-25 Kg, Female 23-25Kg

Height: Male 58-61 cm, Female 56-58cm

Life expectancy: 10 – 13 years

Behaviour, Needs & How to Feed

Dalmatians have bags of energy and need to be given the right amount of mental stimulation and daily exercise for them to be content, happy and well-balanced dogs. They have tremendous stamina, welcoming a walk twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

Dalmatians have a high risk of being born deaf and all puppies should be BAER tested before finding their homes, this will determine if they have any hearing in either ear.  This is caused by the same gene that gives them their unique colouring.

Dalmatians can’t digest Purine very well, which is found in many food groups. As a result they are at high risk of health problems from crystals that can build up in their urinary tract.

Sensitive skin means they are prone to allergies and or irritations especially in summer.

The LeanDog recipes have been formulated without grain and are free from wheat, wheat gluten, dairy, beef and soya to assist dogs with sensitivities.  To find out more about the LeanDog recipes visit Our Food

Fun Facts About Dalmatians

  • Dalmatians are born with no spots, their spots do not begin to develop until a couple of weeks of age.
  • You will not find 2 Dalmatians having the same number of spots in their coats
  • In years gone by, the Dalmatian was popular with fire departments to run ahead ensuring the way was clear for the horse drawn fire trucks.

Meet Luka the Dalmatian

“The lovable Dalmatian with a heart shaped nose and the most happy go lucky attitude imaginable!”

How Old are you Luka?

1 year old (D.O.B 11/08/2018).

Do you have a favourite game?

Fetch, although it took me a while to learn I absolutely love it now.

What is your best Memory?

This is a tough one, I would have to say meeting my best friend and partner in crime Saša.

Do you have any bad habits?

Well I would have to say according to Dad my worst habit is ignoring him and running over to say hi to ANYBODY I see when I’m off leash at the park. (We’re working on that one 😁).

What is the funniest thing you have ever done?

When I was quite young I managed to get the door to the living room open while my Dad was out! I also managed to lock myself in the living room so when nature called I had to poop all over the rug, which subsequently had to be thrown away… Ooops!!

How many times a day do you get fed?

I have two meals a day usually at around 6am & 6pm.  Although I do get lots of treats when out walking / training throughout the day.

Where is your favourite place to walk?

This is a tough one but I love to go to Temple Newsam Estate.  This is a huge park with lots of woodland tracks and open fields for me to explore.

How much do you like LeanDog?

I love LeanDog! Its the only food that doesn’t upset my tummy and Dad complains less when picking up my poop. It tastes amazing too! So far I have only tried Mighty Puppy but when I’m old enough I’m super excited to try some of the other flavours too.

What is your favourite thing to do?

Without a doubt my favourite thing to do is play! With a human or another dog I don’t mind I will play all day long and not get tired!

What has been your most favourite adventure?

This has to be when we went on our first staycation for Dads birthday in March we visited Angrove Country Park and stayed for the weekend. I got to go on lots of adventures including the beach which was lots of fun.

Life is not complete for Luka without his partner in crime Saša, the Doberman Pinscher.

Learn About Doberman Pinschers

Dobermans are loyal, devoted companions and family pets. They are great watchdogs and highly intelligent.
This breed is a perfect choice for people who lead active, outdoor lives.

Weight: Male 40-45 Kg, Female 32-35 Kg

Height: Male 68-72 cm, Female 63-68 cm

Life expectancy: 9 – 12 years

Behaviour, Needs & How to Feed

Doberman Pinscher’s are very loyal intelligent dogs that thrive when given regular training and stimulation. Requiring a minimum of two hours exercise every day, to keep them from becoming bored. They are extremely quick learners and have lots of energy. Naturally loyal and protective of their families, they do like to be with their “humans” so not happy when left alone for too long.

With regards their food, they can be quite fussy. With a lean athletic build, they require a nutrient dense high quality diet.  Bloat is a risk to their health, due to their deep chest and many vets advise to soak dry food and be sure not to feed for 30 mins before or after exercise.

Common Health Problems

Overall Dobermans are a strong healthy breed, but they are susceptible to the usual health conditions with large breeds. Such as arthritis, hip dysplasia & bloat. Due to their short coat and lean build they do not like the cold weather climates.

Sensitive skin means they are prone to allergies and or irritations especially in summer.

The LeanDog recipes have been formulated with 50% protein for the adult recipes and 60% protein for the puppy recipe. Providing a complete and balanced diet containing the necessary vitamins and minerals. Each recipe is free from  grain, wheat, wheat gluten, dairy, beef and soya to assist dogs with sensitivities.  To find out more about the LeanDog recipes visit Our Food.

Fun Facts About Doberman Pinschers

  • The exact origin of the breeds that make up the Doberman Pinscher are unknown as they where first bred by a Tax collector for protection!
  • Dobermans are highly intelligent and often used by the Police and the Armed Forces throughout the world.
  • The breed was recognised by the German Kennel Club in 1899.

Meet Saša the Doberman

How Old are you Sasa?

I was 3 in Spring 2019

Do you have a favourite game?

Tug! I’m big and strong and love to play tug of war!

What is your best Memory?

This is a tough one, I would have to say meeting my best friend and partner in crime Luka

Do you have any bad habits?

In my opinion of course not… However Mum does get quite mad when I go Squirrel Hunting at the park!

What is the funniest thing you have ever done?

I once fell sideways off a seesaw at agility training and took my human with me.

How many times a day do you get fed?

I have two meals a day usually at around 6am & 6pm although I do get lots of treats when out walking / training throughout the day.

Where is your favourite place to walk?

This is a tough one but I love to go to Temple Newsam Estate which is a huge park with lots of woodland tracks and open fields for me to explore.

How much do I like LeanDog?

I love LeanDog, I have tried several different foods and some of them make me sick and make my skin sore and itchy. Mum says I look so much healthier since I have been on LeanDog and I have had no upset tummy. VIGOUR is my favourite recipe.

What is your favourite thing to do?

Without a doubt my favourite thing to do is play, with Luka my best friend. Oh and of course chase those pesky squirrels!

What has been your most favourite adventure?

I went on a holiday to Ireland with my humans, we got to spend lots of time at the beaches and even went on a ferry!

Adventurers Together

Thank you Luka and Saša for sharing your adventures and actions caught on camera. Look forward to watching you grow Luka.

Best wishes, Roz & LeanDog gang 🐾😊

Benefits to being active with your dog

We all know those moments: your trusty hound stands at the door, lead in their teeth, ready to go!  But the rain is battering the windows and the trees are bent double in the wind. 

At times, walking the dog can seem like a bit of a chore. But, here at LeanDog, we want our food to make a positive contribution to your dog’s energy levels and well-being. Making sure they’re always ready for the next adventure – whatever the weather!

So, what are the benefits of being active with your dog?

You and your beloved pet can share the benefits of dog walks, running together, interacting with toys and agility. They are much more than a daily task!

Going for walks helps to eliminate stress from your life—and the same applies for your dog. For instance, combining various routes to your dog’s weekly walking activities is a great way to encouraging them to develop a healthy lifestyle and happy mindset.

You can both experience so many great benefits to walking and talking a run together, here are just a few:

Health & Well-being

• Both your health and wellbeing will benefit. Walking is great for your heart, circulation and strengthening muscles and joints

Social Aspect

• For you there is the social aspect of walking your dog, giving you the chance to meet with like minded people walking their dogs, exploring new sights and surroundings together.

Weight Management

• Walking is great for you both to manage your body weight. Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet, helps to maintain a healthy weight for your dog.

From Flying Disc to Flyball…

Percy the Labrador with his flying ring

If your dog likes to run, jump and catch, a flying disc is a fantastic option to burn energy, including a great form of entertainment for you both.

Getting Started

  • Check that your dog is in good physical health.
  • Choose the right disc for your dog, one that is not too heavy for them to catch and easy to grip.
  • Introduce by playing fetch and getting them used to their new toy, but removing before chewing starts.
  • Initially start by throwing the disc low at your dog’s level, allowing your dog to chase it.
  • When your dog starts retrieving, provide plenty of praise and complete the process, keeping it low.
  • As your dog becomes more accustomed to retrieving, the distance can be increased within their ability.

A great way of having fun and becoming fitter together!

Thank you Percy for sharing your photos and video in action!

Flyball on the other hand…

However, for those looking for a competitive team sport, perhaps Flyball is what you are seeking.

Flyball is a race of two teams of four dogs, racing side-by-side along a lane with four consecutive hurdles to jump before pressing a trigger and releasing a tennis ball from the Flyball box.  Retrieving the ball the dog then returns over the hurdles to complete their turn, before the next dog is released for their turn in the relay.  The first team to have all four dogs complete the course without errors wins.

To find out more about Flyball or a club near you, a few sites worth checking out are British Flyball Association   Killie Flyers Flyball Team or UK Flyball League

Who is for Dog Agility?

Dog agility is a sport which measures the handler’s ability to direct their dog through an obstacle course.  It’s a great activity for both you and your dog and can be very rewarding.

  • Start by finding a dog agility club or trainer in your area.
  • Eighteen months old is the minimum age for competing in agility, although you can start training with low jumps from under a year old.
  • Both you and your dog can have fun and exercise together!

In Summary…

One dog’s idea of fun is not necessarily another’s.  Understanding your dog’s needs and wants will help build your relationship together and understand what they enjoy.  Providing them with stimulation, activity and a healthy, nutritious diet will support your dog becoming the best version of your best friend!

If you have a sport or activity that you enjoy with your dog that you would like to share with us, send an email to to feature on this page.

Roz 😊

Love to know more about Dachshunds…

Learn About Dachshunds

The versatility of the Dachshund makes them excellent family companions and fun to be around.  Hound dogs,  they were originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers and small animals, such as rabbits.

Dachshund’s are  characterised by their colour, size, either standard or miniature and coat type:

  • Smooth or short haired
  • Wire haired
  • Long haired

Average Weight: 7-14Kg

Temperament: Lively, affectionate, versatile and playful, and perhaps stubborn at times

Average Life Expectancy:  12-14 Years

Dachshunds Health & Nutrition

What should I feed my Dachshund?

A breed that is motivated by food, it is important to feed your Dachshund a healthy and nutritious diet.  Fish or meat should be at the top of the list of ingredients.  A diet such as LeanDog, which has a minimum 50% protein, containing essential amino acids is ideal for muscle development and energy levels.

LeanDog SPRIGHT recipe is a great combination of 50% Trout and Salmon, with fewer calories than you will find in most adult dog food recipes.  Containing only 320Kcal/100g,  this recipe can assist to maintain a healthy weight for your Daxie.

In addition, by rotating your Daxie’s dinners with different recipes, you can be confident that they are receiving all the nutrients that they require, from each protein source. For adult recipes choose from SPRIGHT, VIGOUR or GUSTO.

How do I keep my Dachshund healthy?

Not only is the nutrition for your Dachshund important for their health, but a well balanced exercise routine is equally important. Daxies love to eat and nap and they can easily become overweight if they don’t receive adequate exercise. Regular, daily short walks and play time will help to strengthen their back and keep them from being bored.

Dachshund love adventure and exploring new trails and walks.  There are so many new wonderful smells and sights for them to discover and to stimulate them.

Did you know…?

  1. It is often assumed that Dachshunds don’t require much exercise, but as they were bred to be hunting dogs, it is natural for them to have energy and stamina. It is not uncommon for them to compete in agility.
  2. Small dog breeds, including Dachshunds are at risk from IVDD – Intervertebral Disc Disease.  An inherited condition of the spine. Those which are overweight are at a higher risk to this disorder.
  3. Not only do Dachshunds have a big heart, they can have a big bark!  For the size of them, their bark quite often does not compare!
  4. Dachshunds have many different Knicknames such as Sausage Dog, Doxin, Doxie, Dotson Dog, Doxin Dog, Datsun Dachie, Daxie Daschie, Dashie Weenie Dog, Weeny Dog, Weenies and Weens.

Let me introduce you to Jim and Daxiesquad…

How old are you Jim?

Hi Roz! I will be 2 years old on Christmas day! I hope I get double the presents.

What are your sisters names?

My sisters names are Bella, Lily, Celia and Doris. I like to think I am the leader but they boss me around all the time! Anyway lets get back to me ask me another question please? Do I get a treat soon?

Do you have a favourite game you like to play?

I would say my favourite game has to be fetch! Since being introduced to it as a young puppy. The squeakier the better, but the humans wouldn’t agree. Even better if one of my sisters has the ball I love to chase them to get it back.

What is your best memory?

I would say my best memory was when I first met my sisters. I was so nervous going to a new home but when I saw so many new friends I couldn’t wait to play with them.

Do you have any bad habits?

I would say I am perfect but I know my humans would say different  😉. If I had to say one I guess it would be the unexpected howling I sometimes do. It gives my humans near heart attacks but I like to keep them on their toes😂 .

What is the funniest thing you have ever done?

I like to think since my mum brought me home I have been making everyone laugh all the time. If I had to pick I would say eating my mums roast dinner while she went out the room. The lamb with the peas and roasties were amazing! Would highly recommend.

How many times a day are you fed Jim?

I am fed twice a day with treats in between meals. Between you and me I don’t think I am getting enough treats.

What is your favourite place to walk?

My favourite place to walk has to be the woods. I get to see all kinds of wildlife including birds, squirrels and rabbits! Its so fun and exciting!

How much do you like LeanDog and do you have a favourite recipe?

Me and my sisters love Leandog! Just call us the experts we have tried so many food brands as we are just so fussy! We expect the best and want to look our best! My favourite recipe is VIGOUR but I love puppy MIGHTY too as I like to steal my younger sisters food. They don’t mind they steal my toys so its fair.

What is your favourite thing to do?

I love lots of things but it has to be rolling in smelly things when I am out on walks and taking home a new scent. I then love getting a bath I like to close my eyes while the human washes me its so relaxing!

What has been your most favourite adventure?

The beach was amazing so many new sounds and smells. I even met some crabs I wanted to take one home but my mum told me to leave it. I think we could of been best friends. What do you think?

Tips from Jim and the Daxies

Puppy eyes and wagging your tails gets you everywhere in life! Remember you own the human that’s all you need to know!!

What an awesome gang you are, thank you for sharing your adventures and your enjoyable moments.  Look forward to watching your next adventures on instagram.

Best wishes to you all, Roz 😊

Send us a photo of your Dachshund for a shout out on this page! If your Dachshund would like to try LeanDog, fill in our form to receive your FREE TRIAL.

Love To Know More About Border Collies… Meet Spock, Urban Search & Rescue Dog

Learn About Border Collies

Border collie’s are natural working dogs with high energy and intelligence. They have a need to please and thrive on having a purpose that keeps them physically and mentally active. They were originally bred as a working farm dog as they have a strong natural herding instinct, a desire to please and unlimited energy.

Weight: Male 14–20 kg, Female 12–19 kg

Height: Male 48–56 cm, Female 46–53 cm

Life expectancy: 10 – 19 years

Border Collie’s Behaviour, Health & Nutrition

Generally, Border Collies  have very high energy levels that require an outlet or they can become destructive. In addition they are very loyal and protective in nature. They are keen to please, love to follow you, can be very social or require to be alone.

On average, Border collies require more calories than other dogs. This isn’t necessarily because their bodies work differently. Mostly, it is due to them being so active. However, there are several factors such as age, activity level and metabolism that their calorific requirement depends on.

Since Border collies are typically energetic, they benefit from a diet rich in protein. But it is important also to ensure that the diet is balanced with carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It is the essential fatty acids such as omega-3 that help to maintain their coats from drying out and skin becoming irritated. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties which provide support for healthy joints.

Each of the LeanDog recipes provide a complete and balanced diet that Border Collies require. With a minimum of 50% protein and added Omega-3. Prepared with fresh wholesome ingredients to maximise on those essential amino acids they require.

Spock – Urban Search and Rescue Dog

Meet Spock the Collie – National Urban Search & Rescue Dog

How Spock Started

To enable me to understand Search and Rescue, I started off watching people run away and hide so I knew where to find them and to build my interest in finding them. Then I progressed to searching for people in a short search area. I was taught to bark when I found someone and run back to my handler (dad) and bark again. Then continue back and forth until we had both found the person.

The searches progressed over larger areas, including buildings and rubble piles, because I specialise in urban search and rescue. I had to learn lots of commands such as directions left, right, forwards and backwards and hand signals because I might not be able to hear commands if I’m far away.

Spock’s Fantastic Achievement

I practiced a lot of training scenarios and when we were ready both me and my handler sat our practical exam finding several casualties hidden in an abandoned building and on the grounds surrounding it. We were both assessed separately by several assessors on the team and externally.

Once I passed I became the youngest ever to qualify in National Urban Search and Rescue. We both had to resit the test the following year then every two years thereafter.  I am currently working with the Trossachs Search and Rescue Team.

Day-to-day-life When Not at Work

My day starts with a big long walk round the local parks and I usually play ball as well. After that my parents go to work. Luckily I get left a natural chew such as a pig’s ear, chicken trachea, paddywhack or buffalo horn to keep me entertained. I also have a toy box full of toys I can play with and I get a lick mat covered in pate as another way of stopping me becoming bored.  Around lunchtime I am out  playing with my ball in the garden or go for a short walk. However, I’m happiest in the garden people watching or playing ball with the local kids who come play with me.

So Lets meet Spock the Collie…

How old are you Spock?

I am 2 years, 3 months. I was born 2nd May 2017

How long have you been a search and rescue dog?

 I qualified 2 days after my 1st birthday after beginning my training 3 months earlier. It usually takes 18 months minimum to train a search and rescue dog but I passed a lot sooner.

When you are not working, do you have a favourite game that you like to play?

Ball! As a collie I’m ball obsessed and will play all day and never tire.

What is your best memory?    

Holidays on the beach. I’ve been really lucky and been on many holidays all over Scotland staying near the coast. My favourite thing to do is go to the beach and chase the waves.

Do you have any bad habits?

If I don’t want to do something I shake my body to tell my parents no. I can be quite the diva. I also like to wake my parents up very early on the weekends because if I’m up they should be up and playing with me.

What is the bravest thing you have ever done?   

Getting over my fear of horses. I used to try hide behind my parents legs whenever I saw one! However, after visiting dog friendly farms, country parks and agricultural shows I am no longer scared.  I know to lie down and wait for them to pass me.

How many times a day do you get fed Spock?   

Once a day at dinnertime.  I get a few treats throughout the day.

How much do you like LeanDog and do you have a favourite recipe?

 I absolutely love LeanDog! As soon as I hear the bag open I run to the kitchen and sit and wait for my dinner. My favourite one is LeanDog GUSTO salmon and asparagus it makes my coat so shiny and soft and I love the taste.

What is your favourite thing to do?   

I love training for work. As soon as my search jacket is put on I go into work mode. When I’m not training or working I love to play ball. I will play ball all day if I was allowed.

What has been your most favourite adventure?   

When I went on holiday to Aviemore in the middle of winter and there was lots of snow. I went on so many long walks and loved getting snowballs flung at me 😁🐾

Top Tip from Spock the Collie

“Make sure to have lots of fun!!”

Thank you Spock and your family for sharing your story, what a fantastic and skilled job you do.  An outstanding accomplishment to complete your training in such a short time and be able to provide help for people in need.

Best wishes to you Spock on your future adventures!

Roz 😊

Indie Shares Her Story of Finding The Best Dog Food For Her Skin

Finding A Cure for Indie

It took Indie 3 attempts to find her forever home. She was adopted from Dogs Trust by Natasha and her husband Alan and by all accounts had encountered a rough experience up until this point. However, it soon became apparent that Indie was experiencing irritations in her mouth. Indie was constantly clawing and scratching at her face.

Visits to the Vet

Initially when Natasha and Alan took Indie to the vet, she was diagnosed as suffering from a bit of dry skin. They were advised to treat with fish oil. This was trialled for a month, but there was no change to Indie’s condition. Her mouth irritations were now looking more like dermatitis in the skin folds of her mouth. She was then prescribed with antibiotics, steroid cream, and more antibiotics.

With no avail, Natasha & Alan were advised that they may need to carry out an operation on Indie. The vet proposed to cut into the skin folds of her mouth. In order to prevent any food being trapped and perhaps causing the problem.

Chance Opportunity to Find a Solution

It was when Natasha commented on a friend’s Instagram post that she started to hear about LeanDog, complete, grain free dog food and it’s nutritional benefits.

Prior to starting Indie on a trial of LeanDog GUSTO she was experiencing red pimples on her chin and sores in her mouth. Resulting in her scratching her mouth so much that it started to bleed. Natasha and Alan decided to keep a diary and monitor her progress. They certainly didn’t want to be putting Indie under any further stress with operations as suggested, but were desperate to find the root cause of her symptoms to prevent any further suffering.

Initially Indie was integrated on LeanDog GUSTO over a period of seven days with her original food. It can take up to 8 weeks for food elements to be clear from a dog’s digestive system, so after a week of fully being fed LeanDog, Natasha was delighted that Indie had started to reduce the amount of scratching and the sores in her mouth were reducing.

Indie’s Gain’s and Progress

Through switching Indie’s diet to LeanDog the outcome has been remarkable. She has greatly benefited from the fresh ingredients that are used.  In addition each of the LeanDog Recipes contain no grain, wheat, wheat gluten, soya, beef or dairy making it perfect for dogs with sensitivities.  Not only that you will never see any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of the LeanDog food.

Indie has now been enjoying LeanDog GUSTO made with fresh salmon and trout for over 2 months and her mouth sores and irritation have cleared up.  Her coat is glossy and she is relaxed and settled in her forever home with Natasha and Alan.  So much so she has even been enjoying some canicross adventures with Natasha, building stamina and motivation.

Thank you to Natasha and Alan for sharing your story of Indie’s experience.  We wish you all the best for the future and to many happy adventures together.

Roz 🙂

A healthy dog is a happy dog, try your dog on LeanDog and see the difference!

Healthy dog food benefits

LeanDog Feeding Guide for Puppies

LeanDog Puppy Food Benefits

Puppies have different nutrient requirements to adult dogs. For your puppy to grow into a healthy adult dog they require the correct balance of nutrients, from a premium quality puppy food. LeanDog puppy recipe is prepared to provide the daily requirement of nutrients needed to ensure a happy and healthy pup.  There is no need to supplement your puppy’s meal when feeding them LeanDog.

Responsibly Sourced Proteins

Highly digestible animal protein that is rich in amino acids for muscle growth and development.


Provide a good source of energy, also helps to aid digestion.  Sweet potatoes are high in fibre, which promotes a healthy digestive system and good stool formation.


Including Vitamin A which is essential for growth and Vitamin D required for calcium absorption and normal bone development.


Support the immune system, assist with healthy coat & skin, vital for bone and teeth development and growth.

Fats & Oils>Minerals

Added Omega 3 Supplement, which is an excellent source of EPA & DHA to support cognitive and visual development.


LeanDog Feeding Guidelines

  • When you are switching to LeanDog recipe from another food source, it is important to gradually introduce the food. Ideally over a period for 2 weeks.
  • Please refer to the feeding guideline on the label of your food for daily amounts.
  • It is advisable to measure the food with kitchen weighing scales to ensure you are not over/under feeding.
  • Always ensure plenty of fresh water is available.
  • Puppy feeding guidelines are based on the expected adult weight of a puppy in order to provide a more accurate feeding recommendation.

* These guidelines should be adapted to take into account breed, age, temperament and the activity level of the puppy. When changing foods please introduce gradually over a period for 2 weeks.

How often should I feed my puppy?

A puppy’s stomach capacity is not large enough for a single meal to provide its daily requirement of nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended that young puppies should be fed at least three to four times a day.  To do this divide the recommended  daily feeding amount by three or four and provide at each meal time, during a 24 hour period.  Ideally you do not want to be feeding after 6.00 pm to allow your puppy time to digest his food and eliminate before going to his bed.

When your pup is four to five months old this can be reduced to twice a day.   At this point you can then continue at two meals a day throughout the adult years or move to a single meal.

As puppies are growing, they require more food.  However this requirement reduces when they reach their adult life stage and therefore, the amount reduces. If they continued to eat the same amount of food required for growth as they did through to adult life – they would be over fed and put on weight.

As much as we love to spoil our pups with treats, many are recommended for adult dogs.  These could account for them consuming too many calories and could alter the balance of their diet.

Frequently asked questions about feeding puppies

Q. Should I feed my puppy additional foods?

A. LeanDog is a complete, nutritional and balanced diet for your puppy and there is no requirement for you to feed them anything else.

Q. I have fed my puppy the recommended amount, but he is still hungry, should I feed him more?

A. It can be a temptation to feed your puppy more than the recommended guideline on the label of your food.  However, too much could either upset their tummy or result in them gaining too much weight in a short period of time. It is advisable to consult with your vet for advice if you are unsure.

Q. How do I know my puppy is fed enough?

A. Weighing your puppy regularly will help you to make sure that they are the correct weight for their size, breed and age. This can be done at home by yourself or ask your vet during check-ups.

Q. When should I start feeding my puppy adult food?

A. The LeanDog puppy recipe MIGHTY is suitable for your puppy for approximately one year.  This time frame can vary with the size and breed of your dog.  As small breeds reach maturity more quickly (around 10-12 months) whereas large and giant breeds mature more slowly around eighteen months to two years.

Puppy to adult food

It is important to remember to transition your puppy to adult food over a period of up to 14 days, to allow their digestive system plenty of time to adjust.

This is a straight forward process. First mix 80% puppy food with 20% adult food for the total daily feeding requirement. Gradually adjust the mix until you are feeding a combination of 50/50 at the midway point. Towards the end of the second week you should have a mix of 80% adult food and 20% puppy food.  Finally, when ready to feed 100% adult recipe, remember to check the recommended feeding guideline on the adult food label for the new daily feeding amount.

LeanDog adult range includes GUSTO     VIGOUR     SPRIGHT Light Recipe

Find our more information relating to our puppy recipe MIGHTY including full list of ingredients.

Read success stories from pet parents who have switched their pups to LeanDog

If you have any queries, please get in contact by emailing or consult with your Vet for advice.

Dog food for adventures

Martin and Hugo on the Beach

Sometimes, when life gets busy and hectic, our dogs can slip down the list of priorities. At LeanDog, we always try to remember why we got our dogs in the first place.  That special relationship, and that time together in the outdoors.

The right dog food, and the right activity, can help your relationship with your dog go from strength to strength.

Feeding your dog with a premium protein-rich, grain-free dog food has numerous associated health benefits.

Benefits of LeanDog

The bio-availability of our foods means an increased uptake of nutrients and minerals.  Essential for strong bones, clear eyes and healthy muscles.

Each of our recipes are grain-free and hypoallergenic, meaning they are easily digestible. Everything your pet needs to tackle the outdoors!

And once you’re out there, using that energy with shared activity will bring a whole host of knock-on benefits for you both!

As you clear your head, improving your concentration and lifting your mood, your dog also benefits from the mental stimulation.  Such as the environment and your interaction, helping to improve their mood and their well-being too.

Those leaps and sprints keep your animal’s weight down and encourage healthy bones and joints.  Burning off energy productively, with you, helps reduce behavioural problems, allowing you both to relax once you get home!


All LeanDog recipes are prepared to provide the complete balanced nourishment that your dog requires, easy to store, prepare and purchase with free delivery direct to your door.  Giving you time with the dog you love. Our Food

Healthy dog food benefits

Call of nature

Getting outside and keeping active, with longer, lighter days ahead, delivers immense benefit to you and your dog. Both mentally and physically!  Those walks are not just to answer the call of nature. They promote well-being and strengthen the bond between you and your pet!

To make sure they’ve got the energy they need for your adventures together, you need to give them the right food.

So, what benefits will LeanDog deliver for your dog?

Freshly Prepared Ingredients

Our grain-free, protein-led foods are gently cooked at a low heat and low pressure. This is central to our full-flavoured, highly nutritious recipe.   We use Freshly Prepared ingredients. This is the term we use to describe the human grade quality raw and fresh meats which are used in each of our recipes. High-pressure cooking would denature the nutrients in our freshly-prepared ingredients. Therefore we take our time with a unique cooking process.  This protects those essential nutrients. Providing your dog with a natural-smelling, delicious mealtime.

Therefore, the resultant increase in protein-led bio-availability can provide digestibility levels of 90%. Furthermore increasing the energy your dog gets from each mouthful and reducing wind.  A benefit the whole household can share!

Omega-3 Supplement included for your dog

Each of the LeanDog recipes have been formulated with an addition of Omega-3. Obtained from  high quality, responsibly sourced fish oils.  These fish oils, or fatty acids are an essential part of your dog’s diet.

Not only does Omega-3 assist with providing your dog with energy, furthermore it assists with keeping your dog healthy and happy by providing support to their immune system.

Reducing Inflammation & Skin Irritation

You may have heard of the terms EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) the fatty acids of Omega-3. The EPA is converted into anti- inflammatory components, which helps to manage inflammatory based problems such as joint, coat and bladder diseases.

Adding just 2.5% to 3.5% of premium fish oil to the diet yields substantial health benefits for both dogs and cats. DHA has a more structural role and is found in high concentrations in nerve tissue such as the brain and eyes. Puppies and kittens need EPA to feed their growing brains, while older pets benefit from DHA to support their aging brains. Source – Global Pets Community

Omega-3 fatty acids are especially helpful for dogs that suffer from inflammatory disorders. In addition to allergies and skin irritations.  With the inclusion of omega-3 in their food, they are assisted with controlling these types of canine skin disorders. Including aiding the effects of dry and flaky skin, leading to achieving a healthy, shiny coat.

The Benefits of Sweet Potato in Your Dog’s Diet

We use Sweet Potato as the source of carbohydrate in each of the LeanDog grain free recipes. But what are the benefits for your dog?

  • Your dog can rest assured, this safe and healthy carbohydrate is a great alternative to grains.
  • Sweet potato is packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your dog.
  • It’s naturally gluten free and low in fat.
  • Sweet potatoes are high in fibre, which promotes a healthy digestive system and healthy bowel movement.
  • Those with a sensitive digestive system can also benefit, as they are soothing on the stomach.
  • They are a complex carbohydrate with a lower glycemic index. In other words it releases it’s energy slowly throughout the day, keeping their stomach’s fuller for longer.
  • ” They are one of the best dietary sources of vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves, and muscles in dogs. Vegetables with orange flesh contain beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A and a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent disease and infection. ” Source – PETMD

Final Thoughts

So, next time you’re planning an adventure with your dog, make sure you’ve given them the premium food they need to keep up.  Our Food

LeanDog – always read the label.

*This is for informational purposes only. Please see a vet if your pet shows any symptoms

Keeping Your Dog’s Weight Healthy

Reports indicate that between 30-60% of dogs are overweight (Source)  Its becoming more and more important that dog owners should be taking further measures to ensure their dog is as healthy as possible.

Controlling Your Dog’s Weight

As with humans, obesity in dogs is linked to numerous health issues and complications.  Such as diabetes, heart/lung problems, liver disease and a reduced lifespan.

There are so many factors which contribute to a dog’s weight. Including the amount of food  they eat and the amount of exercise they get, their age, health and even genetics.

Dogs don’t have to be overweight to be considered unhealthy.  Underweight dogs are just as much at risk from health complications.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog

Calculate your dog’s feeding requirements, to ensure you know how much to feed them. There are plenty of calculators online which take into account the breed, age, height and current weight of your dog.

However it’s important to remember that just because two dogs are the same breed, age etc this doesn’t mean they will eat the same amount with the same outcomes.

Dog Feeding Guide

  • Start by referring to your dog food feeding guidelines on packaging. Alternatively visit your chosen LeanDog recipe on the website for feeding guidelines.  Our Food
  • Find out your dog’s weight, this can be checked with your vet or by standing on scales with your dog at home.
  • By measure your dog food out with weighing scales initially, you are less likely to over/under feed.
  • Once the daily feeding amount is established, you can divide it into as many meals as suits. Between 1-3 being the most common.
  • When your dog is settled on the food, keep an eye on their weight. This will give an indication whether they are being fed the correct amount.
  • At this point you can adjust the feeding amount accordingly.

Dogs Struggling with Weight Gain

Is your dog struggling with weight gain, or does he have a lower activity level? Then our light recipe SPRIGHT is a great option to assist your dog.  SPRIGHT is 15% lower in fat than our other adult recipes. This is achieved by using Trout, a low-fat protein.  So your dog will still benefit from a premium quality product. Feeding your dog SPRIGHT means that their bowl still looks just as full. However as there are fewer calories, there is no guilt of having to feed less.

This recipe also contains the amino acid L-Carntine, which promotes lean muscle development. In addition your dog will further benefit from this recipe as it is formulated to support cartilage for healthy joints in overweight dogs.

Find out more about SPRIGHT Freshly Prepared Trout

Should I Feed My Dog Treats?

Our dogs are our family and feeding them is just one way of showing we love them. However those extra calories from tidbits and left overs really do start to stack up.

LeanDog recipes each contain a high level of quality protein. This is essential in your dog’s diet as it plays an important role in helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Each recipe is complete and nutritionally balanced. Which means that they contain everything your dog needs to maintain great health and well being.

So it’s important to remember that adding treats on top of this can lead to over feeding and weight gain.  As a result their daily portions may need to be reduced slightly to account for this. Exercise is also vital for helping to maintain a healthy weight and prevent serious health issues later in life.

Helping Your Dog Stay Active

Exercising your dog is equally important to their diet, in maintaining their weight.  By burning calories your dog is working to becoming healthy.

Your dog will benefit from at least 30-60 minutes exercise per day, to reach their healthy weight. Certain breeds and young dogs may require considerably more.

If your dog is not used to a lot of exercise, it is important to build it up gradually.


Once you have achieved your dog’s ideal weight, you can gradually increase the feeding amount or treats.  However it will be necessary to constantly review your dog’s weight and feeding amounts, ensuring the ideal weight is maintained.  LeanDog supports you in helping your dog become the best version of your best friend.

SPRIGHT Freshly Prepared Trout

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