The Labrador Retriever, or just Labrador, is a large type of retriever-gun dog. The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United Kingdom.

Popularity: One of the most popular breeds who are playful and  intelligent, with a warm, friendly temperament that makes them ideal for first-time owners.
Purpose: Labradors were originally a sporting breed, used to retrieve shot game.
Weight: An adult Lab can weight anywhere between 25 – 35 Kg.
Coat: The Labrador’s short, smooth coat is easy to maintain with a weekly groom.
Height: 55 – 62 cm, varies from female to male.


When owning a Labrador, you’ll find they’re easy-going, rewarding pets with high energy levels, meaning they love extra attention and exercise. They make excellent companions, as well as assistance dogs.

Training is not just for teaching your dog new skills, it’s also a great source of exercise.

Labradors are lively dogs, that need plenty of physical as well as mental stimulation.

It will keep them happy, but will also help them to stay healthy too.

Keeping an eye on your Labrador’s weight is crucial to their health, especially as they can be prone to gaining a few extra pounds. Therefore, ensuring the right balance of calories, protein, minerals and vitamins is important for your Labrador in  regular small amounts.  Recommended daily feeding guidelines are provided for each of the LeanDog recipes and can be found at Our Food


  1. Did you know the Labrador Retriever were recognised in England as a Kennel Club Breed in 1903.  They were originally called a St. John’s Dog or lesser Newfoundland dog, which is where they originated from.
  2. The average life span for a Labrador is 10 – 14 years.  Amazingly, the oldest dog, believed to be 29 years old, was Bella, a Labrador cross who lived in Derbyshire.
  3. They are intelligent, easy to train, eager to please and have a gentle temperament. Consequently, they are the most commonly used breed for guide dogs.
  4. The first dog to detect diabetic episodes was a Lab named Armstrong, according to Guinness World Records 2015. He was trained in 2003 to smell the chemical changes that happen when hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) occurs.
  5. Labradors were specifically bred to have these five distinct traits:

An “otter-like” tail for propelling through water
Webbed paws are like flippers for swimming
A layered, oily coat to keep them insulated and repel water
A “soft mouth” to gently carry things (with training) without causing damage
A great capacity to learn


Percy is a black labrador, living in England with his family who loves to share his daily antics and adventures on YouTube

How old are you Percy? 6 years in September
Do you have a favourite game that you like to play? I love to play with my ring frizbee.
What is your best memory? Meeting my Mum & Dad for the 1st time.
Do you have any bad habits? Trying to sit on mummy’s lap on the front seat of the car when he has his seat belt to keep him in the back.
What is the funniest thing you have ever done? Destroying my dads stunt kite on holiday (well I thought it was funny)
How many times a day do you get fed Percy?  I am fed three small meals a day.
Where is your favourite place to walk? Epping Forest which is my local walk.
How much do you like LeanDog and do you have a favourite recipe? Loves it, currently into GUSTO
What is your favourite thing to do? Chase balls.
What has been your most favourite adventure? Travelling to Spain with my mum and dad and going to my Dad’s flight school.


  • Start training as soon as you get your puppy.
  • Do not give in to the crying and moans on the 1st week when they get home. Give them a safe space, e.g. dog cage and do not let them sleep on the beds.
  • Feed regularly and do not give human food.
  • Exercise as least 2 times a day.
  • Carry puppies up and down stairs until they are at least 1 year old.
  • Use a harness to walk your dog not a collar.
  • Introduce puppies to cleaning teeth and nail clippers.
  • Introduce them to stay over a close friend or family member early so they are happy to stay when you go away. (Percy’s second home is his Grandmas)
  • Use anti gobble bowl.
  • Labradors love routine.
  • Introduce early to car and streets and let your dog socialise with other dogs.
  • Give them plenty of attentions and cuddles.
  • Have a box of toys that your puppy knows is their box of toys so they don’t chew.

Over all labradors are easy to train if you have the patience and they are keen to learn, not to mention they are great kissing monsters 🐾

We have fallen in love with you Percy.  Thank you so very much  for sharing your secrets and top tips, not to mention the stunning photos of you in action.  We look forward to watching your future adventures around Epping Forest and beyond!

I hear that you will be “flying high” soon, can’t wait to learn more about it!

To find out more about Percy you can follow him on YouTube or visit Percy The Labrador

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