How much should I feed my dog?

Please refer to the feeding guidelines ― the harder your dog works, the more they will require.

Why should I choose LeanDog?

Each recipe is an excellent source of high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins, designed to provide a nutritious and balanced diet to optimise your dog’s well-being.

My dog easily gains weight, do you have a recipe that will suit her?

Absolutely: SPRIGHT has been specially prepared for animals who need to lose weight. Supplemented with L-carnitine ― and with only 320 calories per 100g ― this product will help maintain a healthy weight and promote lean muscle development.

How do I change my dog's diet to LeanDog?

We recommend that you change your dog’s diet gradually over a period of two weeks. This helps avoid any adverse reaction in your dog’s digestion. Start with a mixture of 20% LeanDog to 80% of their original food, and increase the LeanDog component by 10% per day until your dog is fully on a LeanDog diet.

My puppy who is 4 months old has started getting itchy skin, will changing his diet to LeanDog help?

LeanDog has been formulated without dairy, soya, beef, eggs or grains (including wheat and wheat gluten) and is therefore suitable for sensitive animals. If you’re not completely satisfied with the benefits of LeanDog after four weeks, we’ll refund you in full*.

How active does my dog need to be before I can feed it LeanDog?

Being active is a not a requirement for a tasty, nutritious meal. LeanDog supports your dog with a healthy, balanced diet. With regular exercise and activity, your dog will lead a happy life!

When will my order arrive?

If you order before 2pm between Monday and Friday (excluding bank holidays) it will be despatched that day and delivered within 48 hours, orders after 2pm will be despatched the next working day.

Can I have a sample to try before I buy?

Yes, simply email the name of your dog and address to and we will get a sample to you in the post, subject to availability.

What is the benefit to me of choosing your no commitment Regular Delivery option?

With our no commitment regular delivery option you are in complete control of your regular deliveries but you don't need to remember to order when you're running low. Based on the information you tell us about your dog, our system automatically calculates the optimal timing for your deliveries to ensure you don't run out and you don't buy too much.

What delivery company do you use?

LeanDog exclusively uses DPD to deliver your dog food at a time that is convenient to you. The DPD service will automatically keep you informed about the progress of your pet food delivery.

How much will I be charged for delivery?

Shipping is presently FREE to UK addresses.