Finding A Cure for Indie

It took Indie 3 attempts to find her forever home. She was adopted from Dogs Trust by Natasha and her husband Alan and by all accounts had encountered a rough experience up until this point. However, it soon became apparent that Indie was experiencing irritations in her mouth. Indie was constantly clawing and scratching at her face.

Visits to the Vet

Initially when Natasha and Alan took Indie to the vet, she was diagnosed as suffering from a bit of dry skin. They were advised to treat with fish oil. This was trialled for a month, but there was no change to Indie’s condition. Her mouth irritations were now looking more like dermatitis in the skin folds of her mouth. She was then prescribed with antibiotics, steroid cream, and more antibiotics.

With no avail, Natasha & Alan were advised that they may need to carry out an operation on Indie. The vet proposed to cut into the skin folds of her mouth. In order to prevent any food being trapped and perhaps causing the problem.

Chance Opportunity to Find a Solution

It was when Natasha commented on a friend’s Instagram post that she started to hear about LeanDog, complete, grain free dog food and it’s nutritional benefits.

Prior to starting Indie on a trial of LeanDog GUSTO she was experiencing red pimples on her chin and sores in her mouth. Resulting in her scratching her mouth so much that it started to bleed. Natasha and Alan decided to keep a diary and monitor her progress. They certainly didn’t want to be putting Indie under any further stress with operations as suggested, but were desperate to find the root cause of her symptoms to prevent any further suffering.

Initially Indie was integrated on LeanDog GUSTO over a period of seven days with her original food. It can take up to 8 weeks for food elements to be clear from a dog’s digestive system, so after a week of fully being fed LeanDog, Natasha was delighted that Indie had started to reduce the amount of scratching and the sores in her mouth were reducing.

Indie’s Gain’s and Progress

Through switching Indie’s diet to LeanDog the outcome has been remarkable. She has greatly benefited from the fresh ingredients that are used.  In addition each of the LeanDog Recipes contain no grain, wheat, wheat gluten, soya, beef or dairy making it perfect for dogs with sensitivities.  Not only that you will never see any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of the LeanDog food.

Indie has now been enjoying LeanDog GUSTO made with fresh salmon and trout for over 2 months and her mouth sores and irritation have cleared up.  Her coat is glossy and she is relaxed and settled in her forever home with Natasha and Alan.  So much so she has even been enjoying some canicross adventures with Natasha, building stamina and motivation.

Thank you to Natasha and Alan for sharing your story of Indie’s experience.  We wish you all the best for the future and to many happy adventures together.

Roz 🙂

A healthy dog is a happy dog, try your dog on LeanDog and see the difference!

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