Learn About Dachshunds

The versatility of the Dachshund makes them excellent family companions and fun to be around.  Hound dogs,  they were originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers and small animals, such as rabbits.

Dachshund’s are  characterised by their colour, size, either standard or miniature and coat type:

  • Smooth or short haired
  • Wire haired
  • Long haired

Average Weight: 7-14Kg

Temperament: Lively, affectionate, versatile and playful, and perhaps stubborn at times

Average Life Expectancy:  12-14 Years

Dachshunds Health & Nutrition

What should I feed my Dachshund?

A breed that is motivated by food, it is important to feed your Dachshund a healthy and nutritious diet.  Fish or meat should be at the top of the list of ingredients.  A diet such as LeanDog, which has a minimum 50% protein, containing essential amino acids is ideal for muscle development and energy levels.

LeanDog SPRIGHT recipe is a great combination of 50% Trout and Salmon, with fewer calories than you will find in most adult dog food recipes.  Containing only 320Kcal/100g,  this recipe can assist to maintain a healthy weight for your Daxie.

In addition, by rotating your Daxie’s dinners with different recipes, you can be confident that they are receiving all the nutrients that they require, from each protein source. For adult recipes choose from SPRIGHT, VIGOUR or GUSTO.

How do I keep my Dachshund healthy?

Not only is the nutrition for your Dachshund important for their health, but a well balanced exercise routine is equally important. Daxies love to eat and nap and they can easily become overweight if they don’t receive adequate exercise. Regular, daily short walks and play time will help to strengthen their back and keep them from being bored.

Dachshund love adventure and exploring new trails and walks.  There are so many new wonderful smells and sights for them to discover and to stimulate them.

Did you know…?

  1. It is often assumed that Dachshunds don’t require much exercise, but as they were bred to be hunting dogs, it is natural for them to have energy and stamina. It is not uncommon for them to compete in agility.
  2. Small dog breeds, including Dachshunds are at risk from IVDD – Intervertebral Disc Disease.  An inherited condition of the spine. Those which are overweight are at a higher risk to this disorder.
  3. Not only do Dachshunds have a big heart, they can have a big bark!  For the size of them, their bark quite often does not compare!
  4. Dachshunds have many different Knicknames such as Sausage Dog, Doxin, Doxie, Dotson Dog, Doxin Dog, Datsun Dachie, Daxie Daschie, Dashie Weenie Dog, Weeny Dog, Weenies and Weens.

Let me introduce you to Jim and Daxiesquad…

How old are you Jim?

Hi Roz! I will be 2 years old on Christmas day! I hope I get double the presents.

What are your sisters names?

My sisters names are Bella, Lily, Celia and Doris. I like to think I am the leader but they boss me around all the time! Anyway lets get back to me ask me another question please? Do I get a treat soon?

Do you have a favourite game you like to play?

I would say my favourite game has to be fetch! Since being introduced to it as a young puppy. The squeakier the better, but the humans wouldn’t agree. Even better if one of my sisters has the ball I love to chase them to get it back.

What is your best memory?

I would say my best memory was when I first met my sisters. I was so nervous going to a new home but when I saw so many new friends I couldn’t wait to play with them.

Do you have any bad habits?

I would say I am perfect but I know my humans would say different  😉. If I had to say one I guess it would be the unexpected howling I sometimes do. It gives my humans near heart attacks but I like to keep them on their toes😂 .

What is the funniest thing you have ever done?

I like to think since my mum brought me home I have been making everyone laugh all the time. If I had to pick I would say eating my mums roast dinner while she went out the room. The lamb with the peas and roasties were amazing! Would highly recommend.

How many times a day are you fed Jim?

I am fed twice a day with treats in between meals. Between you and me I don’t think I am getting enough treats.

What is your favourite place to walk?

My favourite place to walk has to be the woods. I get to see all kinds of wildlife including birds, squirrels and rabbits! Its so fun and exciting!

How much do you like LeanDog and do you have a favourite recipe?

Me and my sisters love Leandog! Just call us the experts we have tried so many food brands as we are just so fussy! We expect the best and want to look our best! My favourite recipe is VIGOUR but I love puppy MIGHTY too as I like to steal my younger sisters food. They don’t mind they steal my toys so its fair.

What is your favourite thing to do?

I love lots of things but it has to be rolling in smelly things when I am out on walks and taking home a new scent. I then love getting a bath I like to close my eyes while the human washes me its so relaxing!

What has been your most favourite adventure?

The beach was amazing so many new sounds and smells. I even met some crabs I wanted to take one home but my mum told me to leave it. I think we could of been best friends. What do you think?

Tips from Jim and the Daxies

Puppy eyes and wagging your tails gets you everywhere in life! Remember you own the human that’s all you need to know!!

What an awesome gang you are, thank you for sharing your adventures and your enjoyable moments.  Look forward to watching your next adventures on instagram.

Best wishes to you all, Roz 😊

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