Delivering a complete healthy, grain free recipe to your dog

A healthy dog is a happy dog

Our nutritionists have carefully created each of the LeanDog recipes.  Ensuring we deliver to your dog the optimal blend of protein, carbohydrates and heart-healthy oils and fats. It is then cooked at a gentle temperature of 90 degrees to help protect those vital vitamins and minerals.

Resulting in the perfect blend to support life’s adventures.


We have taken the time to responsibly source fresh proteins which are human grade quality.  With minimal processing, combined with our gentle cooking process, each LeanDog recipe contains a minimum of 50% meat or fish. Including at least 26% freshly-prepared ingredients.

This ensures  your dog will receive those essential amino acids. Vital for providing the building blocks of cell growth, maintenance and repair, leading to a healthy wellbeing.

Grain Free

Sweet potato baked into our recipes is the main source of carbohydrate.  This is a great alternative for dogs with intolerance to grains. Not only is it high in Vitamin B, but easy on the digestion due to the fibre content.

Added Benefits

With the addition of Omega 3, your dog can further benefit  from a shiny coat and healthy skin. Furthermore we have ensured each LeanDog recipe is hypoallergenic.  Meaning that it is formulated without wheat, wheat gluten, soya, dairy, or beef.

Because we care so much, there are no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. LeanDog is the perfect option to provide your dog with all the goodness, energy and vitality to enjoy adventures in life.

All LeanDog recipes are veterinarian-approved.