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Introduction to LeanDog

Hi, Roz from LeanDog here!

I’d like to tell you the story of how LeanDog came about, what LeanDog is striving to achieve and what I would love LeanDog to become for you and your dog.

There are many things that are important to me in life. Family, health, fitness and of course my three dogs, Barney & Tilly the Schnoodles and Rosco the Jack Russell Terrier. In 2018 I set my myself a pretty big goal! I was determined to understand what I needed to do to bring these key important elements into my daily working life.  Ensuring our dogs were eating as healthy as we are. After thorough research and consulting with dog nutritionists, I became aware of the excellent benefits that grain free diets, which included fresh natural ingredients are for dogs! What if we took our dogs nutrition as serious as our own, combined with an active outdoors approach?

With the support of my family, I gave up the day job (it wasn’t for me!).  Undoubtedly, I threw myself into researching dog nutrition and working out how I could turn my dream into a reality. In addition to the support of dog nutritionists, I have consumed myself with understanding the benefits of a nutritional balanced diet for our dogs. Resulting in the creation of LeanDog.  I am eager for LeanDog to become a brand that stands out for its aspiration to bring health and wellbeing to our dogs.

Who Is LeanDog for?

The LeanDog ethos is to be socially inclusive.  Encouraging dog owners to get the most from their relationship with their dogs and offer them an informed choice on what food is best for their dogs. LeanDog recipes have been created  for all dog breeds and age categories.  Furthermore, LeanDog does not exclude those that require weight management, and offer a recipe especially created with fewer calories. Providing a diet that is filled with fresh ingredients, packed with protein that provides those essential amino acids. Importantly required for healthy muscle development, shiny coat and supporting your dog’s immune system.

Why is LeanDog different?

Not only is my passion to provide my dogs with good health and wellbeing, but through LeanDog to support your dogs with a healthy dog food. In addition help build a community with like-minded people seeking to achieve the same. LeanDog is proudly independent! You won’t find us on the supermarket shelves.

Come follow us on the LeanDog journey with FacebookInstagram and YouTube for tips, advice and fun activities. Finally, check out our LeanBlog on the website and find nutritional information about our recipes.

Really looking forward to hearing from you and sharing our adventure stories together, best wishes Roz 😊

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