What our customers are saying...

Martin Stewart
“In the past few months, we’ve put Hugo onto a grain-free, protein-led diet with LeanDog. The single protein source and high digestibility of VIGOUR was brilliant for his delicate stomach (Weimaraners, with their deep chests, are prone to tricky digestion) and an ongoing skin complaint in the crook of his back legs has cleared up! More than that, though, his cleans his bowl every time – something that was definitely not the case before, when we had to encourage his eating with grated cheese and other additives.”

Natasha Freeman

Roz at Lean Dog provides a personal and professional service for your dog. Roz has been fabulous with ours and has been there to answer our queries. As an owner we believe that it is really important to understand the food being fed to our dogs. Looking after their digestive and gastric system vital to their overall health.

Roz shares this same value. Besides enjoying the food immensely we have found that their coats and skin have shown improvements and are lovely and shiny. Indie especially because she has a skin condition that we now believe is linked to stress. Indie scratches her mouth area causing wounds. Since being on LeanDog she has shown dramatic improvement and her wounds have healed. Gibson has suffered with flaky skin, especially on his back and hind legs. Now it has definitely improved. Both dogs certainly have a lot of energy and I have to say are a lot less pumpy! 😁

William Smith
“Just switched my German Pointer onto LeanDog Gusto a couple of weeks ago and he is loving it, clean bowl every time and already see his coat is looking healthier.👍”

Stephanie Summers
“I’d 100% recommend LeanDog. Both my boys love it and have never looked better! Less mess and no dog farts. Blue especially is a very active dog so its important for him to have the right nutrition to fuel his body and LeanDog has been perfect”.

Saul Chughtai
“Delighted I have switched Luka to puppy MIGHTY, it is a such a relief to find a suitable food for him, as his stomach has been so unsettled. Love the fact it is grainfree and made with fresh ingredients”.

Garry and Charlotte Greenwood
“Since we switched our dog food from a recommended leading name in dog nutrition to LeanDog, we have noticed a vast improvement in Bonnie; not only in behaviour but in her personality as well. LeanDog MIGHTY suits her energetic and athletic daily needs without added hyperactive behaviour traits that some other foods leave. Its also helped with her growth and gentle for her digestive system. Overall Bonnie thrives on this food”.

Margaret Cass

“LeanDog has brought a massive change to our all our dog’s behaviours. They have become a lot more active and look fantastic. They are very fussy dogs and have tried most brands without success they would sniff the biscuits and leave them. But its been the complete opposite with LeanDog they eat every last bit. So happy I found LeanDog💖💖💖”